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Do you spend too much money on eating out or grabbing a cup of coffee?
Or maybe you don’t have enough time to cook by yourself?
Hmmm, it’s difficult to control expenses?
Sometimes you get rid of food?

Keep calm and use help from Culinary Ninja! ☺

You will find here 50 easy ways to gain TIME and MONEY during shopping, cooking or just doing everyday things in the kitchen.

Additionally, in this eBook you will find an extra bonus – „Kitchen budget”, which you can use to control your food expenses. And in the end of the month you will see how much did you save!

Trust my experience and get into the next level of a culinary know – how.

After reading this eBook, I guarantee you that you will become a master of cutting of unnecessary expenses, controling over your monthly budget and for sure you will gain time and money.

Act smart in and out the kitchen, just like Culinary Ninja!

Culinary Ninja

25,00 złCena
  • This eBook is a pdf file format. 

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